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Our Goal

Allowing the all inclusive (Disabled/none) consumer and family live access to pre-programed drone fighters for use in live aerial combat,

It's time for flight... and fight!

About Us

We are a mix of US business men & women Ex UK Military and from Finland engineers all with individual skills and a joint understanding of the critical areas of business experience in corporate success of current and previous companies together with a joint view of the Thunderdrone concept.

As an organization, we see our pilots as the ultimate customer. We are determined to give them the best real time 3-D experience possible and to do that we have secured the technical expertise in the form of the best people and have developed internationally proprietary software to achieve high standards and reputation.

We have found expertise in the form of world renowned Drone designer from Finland software engineers from the UK and experienced management from the USA. They’re previous successes include working with the US Government, UK Government, NASA, Lockheed Martin, Shorts etc., and bring with then proven technology now incorporated within our systems.

As we build our own proprietary systems, in our custom Factory, we can ensure quality of the highest standard, recognised in Europe and America in ISO 9002, and are builders of quality control in support of IOC Aviation rules.

Within our Directors we have several Pilots and Drone enthusiasts that have seen combat and understand how to involve customers in the experience of a live dogfight.

Our Management team has experience of fortune 500 companies and other successful world leading businesses as a direct result of many years of experience in the service industry and government. With this successful history The Directors invite you to enjoy the Thunderdrone experience.

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Head Office

31 Regent Street
BT23 4AD, UK

Phone: +44 (0) 2891 898 346
Fax: +44 (0) 8700 634 282

Thunderdrone USA

261 38th Street
First Floor, Brigantine
NJ 08203

Phone: 202-909-3839